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Virtual Office Kolkata

Virtual Office Kolkata

Kolkata or Calcutta is the 7th largest city in India by population. With a flourishing local economy, the city is a great investment destination for those who want to open companies in India. Even if the procedure is not complicated, there are certain steps in the registration procedure that can take longer and one of them is finding a legal address for the company.

virtual office in Kolkata, however, can diminish the company incorporation procedure significantly. Our Indian company formation officers can explain the main advantages of using such as a service. We are at your disposal if you want to register a business here.

The virtual office in Kolkata – a quick and effective service

With the possibility of acquiring a virtual office in Calcutta in 2 to 5 days, this is one of the best solutions when seeking to open a business as soon as possible. Of course, you will still need to go through the other steps of the company formation procedure, however, not having to deal with meeting realtors will ease the process a lot.

Kolkata virtual office comes with various facilities, which is what makes it quite effective: you can choose the package you need and later make changes if you consider them necessary.

Here is how a virtual office in this city can serve you:

  • a local office address that is usually located in a business center;
  • Kolkata phone number with a virtual assistant, if desired;
  • correspondence and voice mail services can also be provided;
  • other communication facilities and access to meeting rooms are also among the services you can ask for.

If you are interested in this option instead of a traditional rent, you can get in touch with our company registration agents in India for details. Similar services are available in other cities, such as Pune.

You can use a virtual office for various purposes

The virtual office is a service that has been on the market for more than 5 years, and it was first used as a mailing address and contact point for companies that needed to have official documents sent to a specific address. Nowadays, technology has enabled such a service to be used for other purposes, as well.

The main facility associated with a virtual office in Kolkata is the availability of having a registered address in this city when setting up a business. The address of the office can be declared with the Companies Register and will be kept as the headquarter of the company where all official documents will be sent. This is why mail collection is one of the most requested facilities with such a service.

There are also other reasons you could request a virtual office in Calcutta for. Among them:

  • the creation of a local contact point for clients and business partners;
  • as a local address for a branch office originally registered in another city;
  • as an address for a sole trader who wants to have a good business image.

Virtual offices in Kolkata are usually located in the business centers that are easy to find, which is why they are in demand.

Do not hesitate to enquire with our local agents about similar facilities in New Delhi or other large Indian cities.

Because most businesses don’t need a full-time specialized accountant due to the low transaction volume, we have created various packages suitable to all needs. You can hire our accountant in India to keep an eye on your finances so you may keep track of your money without setting up a department for this.

Acquisition of a virtual office in Calcutta

One of the greatest advantages of having a virtual office in Kolkata is the easiness with which it can be obtained. If you are interested in one, you can search for the providers in the area and choose the service you consider the best match for your needs.

If at first, such a service came with a few options, nowadays, you can choose between multiple offers in terms of facilities attached to it, location, and even price. Generally speaking, the price can start at a little over 900 INR and can often exceed 2,000 INR per month.

The virtual office is a great solution no matter if you have a small or a larger business, as it will help you diminish administration costs substantially. You can even choose the period for which you want to use the service by signing a contract just a few days after contacting the provider.

If you need guidance in checking the selected virtual office in Kolkata, you can rely on our agents.

Why invest in West Bengal

Located in West Bengal, Kolkata is one of the most important cities in this region. During the 2019 Covid pandemic, it was one of the Indian states to register economic growth, and according to this information:

  • it is home to 14% of the medium and large-sized enterprises in India;
  • this places the region in 2nd place in the country in terms of medium and large-sized companies;
  • it also holds 13% of India’s coastline which makes it a great choice for starting a maritime business here.

If you decide to acquire a virtual office in Kolkata, feel free to contact our consultants in India.