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Fiduciary Services in India

Fiduciary Services in India

Fiduciary services in India generally refers to a person or a company providing to a party various services conducted in good faith and trust. These services are usually employed for financial aspects, such as managing the assets of a natural person, a group of persons or legal entities operating in India and elsewhere. Fiduciary services can be provided by a wide category of persons, such as bankers, executors, board members, or by our team of specialists in company formation in India, who have an extensive knowledge in the field of finance and other related business activities. 

The fiduciary’s responsibilities in India 

Fiduciary services are delivered by a fiduciary, who has a set of responsibilities when managing financial assets. One of the first requirements is to act in good faith, in the interest of his or her client. More importantly, the fiduciary may act only in interests of the party whose assets he or she is managing. The main concern of a fiduciary is to create added value on the assets he or she has to manage and the person may not act for his or her personal gains

Those starting a company in India can benefit from the services of a fiduciary, who is not entitled to benefit from the management of the company’s assets

fiduciary will need to conclude and execute strategic operations, such as analyzing the profitability of a company operating in a specific business sector, sale transactionsnegotiating with various entities – such as lenders or creditors and to modify various business agreementsOur team of consultants in company registration in India can further advise on these activities. 

Fiduciary services for businesses in India 

The fiduciary in India can offer a set of specific services for the investors who want to register a company in India

For example, the specialist can assist in the following: 

• improve the performance of the company’s operations;

financial reporting;

prepare tax returns and other financial documents;

asset valuation;

assistance on intellectual property

Other fiduciary services are available in this country and businessmen are invited to contact our team of consultants for advice concerning asset management procedures delivered in India