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Company Management in India

Company Management in India

Before a business can become fully operational on the Indian market, the company’s representatives will need to establish the management structure. Through this, the investors will assign tasks and responsibilities amongst the members of the company and its employees, in order to fully achieve the company’s objectives.

Company management is concluded depending on the company’s business operations, the size of the company and the legal entity chosen for starting a company in India and it will set up top management positions, as well as middle management and executive functions.

Our team of specialists in company registration in India can advise on how to establish a suitable management structure for business operating here. 

Main structures of the Indian company management 

Company management in India refers to all the resources the investors have in order to establish a management structure that can achieve the goals of a business. This is completed through an organizational chart, which will offer a clear image on the management of the company. The organizational chart can be concluded in multiple ways, as there is no default structure.

The responsibilities and tasks of the persons working in a company will be presented from top management positions, ending with executive functions (regular employees, part of a specific team). It is important to know that the organizational structure is completed in the order of the importance of the roles assigned to specific persons. Our team of consultants in company registration in India can offer more details on this subject. 

As a general rule, the company management structure stars with the company’s representatives (who can be shareholders or partners, depending on the legal entity registered in India). Further on, the chart will present the Board of Directors and the Chief Executive Office (CEO)

Organizational chart in India 

The CEO is the highest ranking individual in charge with managerial decisions. Further on, the following level is given by other types of officers, such as: 

Chief Operating Officer;

Chief Financial Officer;

Chief Technology Officer;

Chief Marketing Officer;

Chief Legal Officer.

Those starting a company in India will also need to appoint managers, who will handle day-to-day tasks related to their department. Such tasks will be delivered by company’s employees

Businessmen are invited to contact our team of specialists for more details concerning the company management in India