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Why Invest in India?

Why Invest in India?

India is one of the largest economies of the world and the fastest growing member state of the G-20. There are numerous reasons for starting a company in India, one of them being related to the country’s economic growth. Starting with 2014, the country’s Gross Domestic Product is above the value of 7%, a situation that is also projected for the following year. The local government is actively involved in introducing new regulations applicable to the business environment and companies  wishing to operate on this market can also benefit from the qualifications of one of the youngest work forces, opposite to the current situation of the developed economies across the world. Our team of specialists in company formation in India can offer advice on the main reasons to invest in this country. 

Main reasons for investments in India 

India is one of the main investment destinations at a global level, alongside with the United States of America and China. Those who want to open a company in India can address their products or services to one of the largest consumer markets. At the same time, companies can benefit from a lower cost of productionOur team of agents in company registration in India can offer further information on this aspect. 

An important aspect for businesses operating at a global level refers to the quality of the workforce on the market where they carry their business activities, and India offers in this sense a young, skilled labor force. More importantly, India benefits from a strategic geographic position and thus, investors can address their services to other regions, such as South East Asia.  

One of the investments that can be considered in India is intellectual property under the form of trademarks.

Legislative framework in India  

India represents the world’s largest democracy, imposing an independent judiciary system and the rule of law. Investors who would like to register a company in India may also benefit from the provisions of the tax reforms that are currently implemented here, including the one related to the goods and services tax (also known as the value added tax). 

The country is highly developed on export activities, especially on the exports in the services sector, which represented approximately 58% of the Indian economy at the level of 2015. 

Our agents can offer in-depth advice on this subject and businessmen are invited to contact our team of consultants for further details on the investment regulations addressed to foreign entities.