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Virtual Office in Pune

Virtual Office in Pune

Starting a business in India as a foreigner implies meeting the same requirements as local investors and respecting the provisions of the Company Law. India has a modern legislation adapted to the dynamics of the world’s largest markets, as it is one of them. This is why when opening a company here it is possible to speed up the incorporation procedure by choosing a virtual office as a legal address in the first stage of the setup process.

Investors who are attracted by different regions can choose to acquire such services in various cities in India. For example, a virtual office in Pune can be an excellent choice for those who want to open a company here. However, this is not the only use of such an office.

Below, our company formation agents in India explain how you can obtain a virtual office and its main advantages.

Buying a virtual office in Pune – how easy is it?

If you want to start a business or simply need an address in Pune for various activities, the virtual office can be a great and quick solution no matter if you are a foreign or local investor, businessperson, or sole trader.

The virtual office can be acquired through a service contract, which makes the procedure easy, enabling you to enjoy its use as soon as you agreed with the service provider.

virtual office in Pune can be bought with local providers who can provide you with various services and facilities, based on the buyer’s needs.

If you want to open a company in Pune, the virtual office can be a good option for having a legal address when filing the incorporation papers with the Trade Register. This will streamline the procedure a lot, as the founder will no longer need to spend time searching office or commercial space to rent. However, it is important to know that such a service is for temporary use only.

Our company registration advisors in India can offer more information on how to obtain a virtual office in some of the largest cities of the country.

Services attached to a Pune virtual office

The virtual office contract can contain various facilities, and among them, some of the most common are:

  • a Pune-based phone number that is at the disposal of the user and can be offered to clients for local and international calls;
  • access to fax, printer and scanner, as well as other communications equipment;
  • internet access with mail address is also available for the user;
  • conference room access (in most cases, prior reservation is required).

Apart from these, a virtual office in Pune can also come with other facilities based on the needs of the client. While some businesspeople request virtual assistants, others only ask for basic services. This is why the cost of such an office varies a lot.

If you decide to open a company in India and decide for Pune, our local representative can help you with the preparation of all the documents and their submission with the local office of the Companies House.

Most accounting services are now offered remotely. This is also how our Indian accountant works in order to offer the best solutions at fair costs. Nevertheless, the quality of service remains the same. Contact us for a personalized offer, no matter if you run a small or large company. You can also rely on us for company formation solutions.

The main benefits of a virtual office service in Pune

Often compared to a rental or lease, the virtual office is actually a service, which makes it more advantageous from several points of view. The cost would be the first of them – much cheaper compared to an office rented for various activities, but also with no maintenance costs on the final user, a virtual office in Pune comes in very flexible terms.

Then, there is no need for the buyer to hire personnel to handle the matters associated with the office, as it can be used for receiving and sending mail and correspondence, for having an address where local partners and clients can direct their questions to and having a private assistant to take care such tasks.

Apart from these, the virtual office also offers flexibility in terms of location. Pune has several business centers where such services can be obtained, and with remote and work-from-home facilities enabled by many companies, such spaces to be used as virtual offices are expected to grow in the near future.

If you are interested in a virtual office, you can obtain more information on your options in Pune from our local experts.

Economy of Pune

Pune is located in one of the most prolific regions in India. It is the second-largest city in Maharashtra after Mumbai. Moreover:

  • in 2018, Pune was declared the most livable city in India according to the Ease of Living Index;
  • it is also one of India’s 109 shortlisted cities in the Smart Cities Mission, as the local government allocated 5.2 billion USD for its development;
  • automotive and tourism are two of the most developed economic sectors of this city.

If you want to purchase a virtual office in Pune, please get in contact with our consultants.