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Virtual Office in Chennai

Virtual Office in Chennai

India is one of the most appealing Asian countries to start a business in and just like in other states, registering a company comes with certain requirements. The Company Law is the main act providing for the conditions under which one can open a company in India.

Local and foreign investors alike are subject to certain criteria they need to respect when setting up any type of business and one of the first aspects to handle is having a legal address for the future company. The virtual office is a good choice for those who are in a hurry and need to start the incorporation procedure as soon as possible.

There are several cities in which such a service is available, and Chennai is one of them.

Below, we invite you to discover how you can obtain a virtual office in Chennai and why you should choose this option.

Why choose a virtual office in Chennai over a traditional rent

As many people know, the virtual office is a service that can be accessed in major cities in most countries. This is also the case of India where virtual offices are available in cities like Delhi, Bangalore, and Chennai to name just a few of them.

In the past few years, the virtual office has become an important alternative to the traditional office space from several points of view, among which:

  • it is cheaper and faster to obtain through a simple service contract;
  • it a service, therefore, does not require any investments, like renovations or office equipment;
  • the buyer can choose the address it is located in, in some cases;
  • it comes with various facilities that can be selected by the buyer.

The virtual office can also be employed for various purposes, which makes it an even more appealing option to a traditional rent.

The only downside of purchasing a virtual office in Chennai is that it can be used for a limited period in certain cases. This is often the case when one is interested in company formation in India and needs a legal address to submit it with the Companies Register.

What does it imply to have a virtual office in Chennai?

As a service, a virtual office will usually come with:

  1. dedicated phone number and communication means, such as fax and videoconference equipment;
  2. the physical address, or better said, business address which is the most requested facility;
  3. computer, printer, scanner can also be supplied on demand;
  4. meeting rooms can also be rented with prior notification.

The main benefit of choosing a virtual office in Chennai is that it can be customized to your needs.

Also, if you want to use it as a registered address for your company in Indiaour specialists can provide more information on this possibility.

We are dedicated to fully understanding the specific needs of our clients and developing tailored, professional accounting services that best match their diverse business goals. Top financial accounting services are provided by our seasoned accountant in India who has worked with numerous businesses and helped them keep track of all their documents.

The virtual office can be used for various purposes

Until not long ago, the virtual office was the first choice when it came to obtaining a quickly registered address when it came to a fast company registration procedure in India and pretty much most countries with a developed commercial real estate infrastructure. This is also the case in large cities like Chennai.

Apart from its main use, the virtual office has also become an option for those interested in having a contact point in various cities across India without too much hassle and with the littlest expenses possible. The fact that it can be used by large companies and sole traders alike, makes it one of the most flexible facilities when it comes to services.

Businesspersons who plan on opening companies in India in the future and have already established some contacts with people here can acquire a virtual office through which they can keep in contact with their Indian associates.

Another important use of a virtual office in Chennai is that of a correspondence address. All main can be received here and then sent to an address of your choosing in due time and without any problem.

If you want to use such a service and need an offer, you can get in touch with our local advisors for information on price ranges.

Tamil Nadu and Chennai as investment destinations in India

Tamil Nadu is Southern India’s most important industrial and commercial center and Chennai is its capital.

According to the Tamil Nadu government, the city’s economy revolves around large industries like automotive, services, manufacturing, and tourism. In numbers:

  • the region occupies the 1st position in terms of factories in India with more than 37,000 facilities;
  • 40 of the 232 special economic zones in India are located in Tamil Nadu;
  • it is the 2nd largest contributor to the country’s Gross Domestic Product (it produces 8.4% of the GDP).

If you want to acquire a virtual office in Chennai and need assistance, do not hesitate to contact our Indian company formation officers.