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Open an Amazon Store in India

Open an Amazon Store in India

Amazon is the largest online platform for selling a wide range of products and goods. Since 2007 and until the end on 2017, the platform registered a steady increase in its global revenues and thus, those who want to open a company in India in the online environment may sell their products through this very well known platform, which is available for both natural persons and corporate entities. Our team of consultants in company registration in India can advise on the main procedures related to the incorporation of an online business in this country. 

Why start an Amazon store in India?  

India represents one of the world’s largest consumer markets. At the same time, Amazon, currently developing business activities in India, has a strong market share here, representing 30% of the entire market. This accounts for a total worth of $ 16 billion and the value could increase, as the country has a great potential related to the e-commerce sector. In this sense, investors who are interested in how to form a company in India should know that this jurisdiction is seen as having one of the fastest e-commerce growths at a global level for the following decade.

With a total consumer market of 1,3 billion persons, the e-commerce sector can currently address to a total of 480 million internet users, but the numbers will increase at a fast pace in near future, since the annual growth on this matter is set up at a rate of 25%. Our team of specialists in company formation in India can offer more details on this matter. 

You may rely on us because we also provide a range of accounting services. We work as fast as we can to enable you and your employees receive payments on schedule when it comes to payroll in India. If you’d like more information about our company creation and accounting services in India, please get in contact with us.

Why sell on Amazon in India? 

One of the main reasons for starting an online business through the Amazon platform refers to the fact that the company is very well known throughout the world and it has a well-established corporate identity. Other relevant reasons for opening a company in India through the Amazon platform refer to the following: 

  • reach customers across the world, as well as other businesses that perform their activities through this platform;
  • have the guarantee that the goods sold by the company will be delivered in a fast manner;
  • benefit from high security payment methods, which represent one of the crucial aspects of any online store;
  • obtaining professional services that can help new businesses to sell through the online platform

Businessmen are invited to contact our team of experts in company registration in India for more details related to the advantages of an online business. Our representatives can help investors with in-depth advice on the rules of law regulating online sales in India and can also assist in setting up a merchant account, which is a compulsory requirement for any online storeIndia offers several types of merchant accounts, which can be chosen in accordance with the business activities of the company