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Manufacturing Food Products in India

Manufacturing Food Products in India

India is one of the key players for food products at a global level, ranking as the sixth economy for food and grocery products. With a high potential for development in the field, the Indian government enacted numerous regulations to attract foreign direct investments through joint ventures and other forms of foreign collaborations. 

Those interested in starting a company in India should know that this market has a high potential in the field of food processing industry, which represents approximately 32% of the entire food sector in this country. Businesses registered in this sector have to follow the standard registration procedures and to obtain special business licenses, as prescribed by the local legislation, which can be detailed by our team of specialists in company formation in India

Regulations for manufacturers of food products in India 

Companies in India that carry out business activities in the food industry are regulated by the Food Safety and Standards Regulations 2011. In order to register a company in India in this sector, it is necessary to register with the relevant authorities by drafting an application (and renew it upon its expiration)  for all types of activities, including for the manufacture of food products

In the case of the companies already registered on the local market, the investors will need to provide information on the annual quantity of manufactured productsOur team of agents in company registration in India can provide in-depth assistance on other regulations available for manufacturing businesses

Licenses for Indian manufacturing companies  

Food products are regulated under strict rules of law, to ensure that the final products will meet the local satefy standards. In order to receive a license, the company’s representatives should apply for a license with the State or Central Licensing Authority and in this case, it is necessary to enclose a large set of documents related to the location in which the manufacturing activities are carried out (and which have to comply with certain dimensions) and a list of the equipment used for the manufacture of food products

The company’s representatives will need to submit a list of products that will be manufactured in India, as well as an analysis report from a certified health laboratory

Investors should also disclose the source from where they purchase the products and relevant company documents. A manufacturing company must also provide information on the its employees and investors may contact our team of consultants in company formation in India for consultancy services regarding the rules of law applicable to food products.