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Company Formation in New Delhi

Company Formation in New Delhi

New Delhi represents the administrative capital of India and it is also one of the fastest growing regions of the country. Those who want to open a company in India can choose New Delhi as their business destination, considering that the city is a hub for a wide range of commercial and business operations. 

It is also important to know that New Delhi benefits from a more developed economy compared to the rest of the country and this can be seen in the income per capita of the citizens living here, who have an income 2,5 higher compared to the national average. 

When starting a company in India, regardless of the region in which the business will be registered, there are several compulsory incorporation steps that have to be concluded, such as obtaining business permits, registering for taxation, deciding on the most suitable business form and others. 

At the same time, foreign investors can also open a company in New Delhi through a subsidiary or a branch office and our team of consultants in company registration in India can assist with legal advice on the steps necessary for these two business forms. 

How can we assist you in opening a company in New Delhi? 

Although the procedure of company formation in India is not very complicated, it is comprised of a wide set of steps that have to be concluded in a given order. Some of the incorporation steps can be concluded through the online portals of the local institutions. 

For example, one of the requirements is to register online with the country’s Registrar of Companies (RoC), the institution that handles the registration of local businesses, as prescribed by the Companies Act. Some of the most relevant incorporation aspects are represented by the following: 

obtain specific documents and certificates   any new legal entity incorporated in New Delhi or in another Indian region has to obtain a Director Identification Number and a Digital Signature Certificate
propose a company name the procedure is completed online, through the website of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs in India
draft the company’s statutory documents  they are represented by the company’s memorandum and articles of association and the legal manner in which such documents must be drafted can be detailed by our team of specialists in company formation in India
obtain a tax account number  the document is issued by submitting specific forms and then it must be sent to the Income Tax Department

What business form should one choose in New Delhi, India? 

The decision regarding the business form of a company in New Delhi, India is influenced by a set of factors. For example, those who want to open a startup company in India generally prefer to incorporate private or public companies. Still, the most popular way to enter a business activity in this country is through a private company, as it benefits from simpler compliance requirements. 

When starting a company in India through a private company, the investors can select from three main types of legal entities, namely the company limited by sharesthe company limited by guarantee or the unlimited company. The advantages of private companies are given by the fact that that the legal entity no longer requires to deposit a minimum share capital (as per the provisions of the new Companies Act) and that it can easily appoint foreign directors, to mention a few. 

Other business forms are available for foreign businessmen, such as the partnership, the limited liability partnership, the one person company or the sole trader, but investors can operate here through a joint venture, a branch office or a subsidiary. Deciding on the best company type should be based on the value of the investment project, the medium or long term development plans, the economic sector in which the company will operate and numerous other aspects, so we strongly advise you to request for assistance from our team of specialists in company registration in India

You can also count on us for assistance with Indian payroll services as well. Our services target both small and large companies who find it difficult or have no time to maintain an accurate picture of their business from an employment point of view. Contact us for information about the Employment Code.

Can I request the services of a virtual office in New Delhi? 

Yes, local and foreign businessmen can request the services of a virtual office in New Delhi, which is the most cost-efficient option when renting an office here. As per the Indian legislation for commercial entities, all local businesses must have an official business address and this means that the owners of a new business must find a suitable location for this purpose. 

The virtual office can become the ideal solution, as for the services it provides, the company’s representatives will pay a very small monthly fee, compared to the costs associated with running a brick-and-mortar office. Foreign businessmen can be assisted in selecting the services of a virtual office necessary for running a business activity by our team of specialists in company formation in India, who can offer further assistance on any matter concerning the incorporation of a business in New Delhi; please contact our specialists for more details.  

You can also rely on us for accounting support. Our Indian accountant uses the latest software to provide quick and effective solutions. While handling accounting and the intricate chores associated with it, a specialized program is essential. Please get in touch with us if you have any inquiries or would like more details about our services.